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About Mosaic On A Stick

We are Mosaic On A Stick! We are mosaic artists who make public art for the community and we need support with our work and projects. We are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and we've been around for 15 years! Our mission is to create artwork that is deeply intertwined with our community by recognizing the rich and diverse cultures we come from, and to provide access and opportunities for anyone to practice creativity. At Mosaic On A Stick we celebrate, honor, and engage with voices of marginalized populations and maintain our values as an art studio that aims to be socially responsible while providing art for EVERYONE to appreciate. Inclusivity is one of our core values, as we believe that every human being has the right to build connection with themselves and the people around them. A mosaic is a work of art that is created out of broken pieces to create something new and beautiful. Like mosaic, our communities are made of many different and individual pieces that when built with intentionality and care, we unify to create a larger whole. Like a mosaic, we believe that our diversity and interconnectedness is vital for our harmony and success as a community and society.

To practice these values in our work, we choose to focus our goals on increasing accessibility and opportunities for genuine collaboration at every level. As both artists and entrepreneurs we strive for radical and progressive approaches to inclusivity in art by providing:
  • Affordable art and artistic instruction in mosaic work
  • Community projects open for general public participation
  • Sliding-scale classes
  • Opportunities for collaborative projects

In order to sustain these values and achieve our goals to provide art for EVERYONE, we need help to support these projects.

Many times, the money to buy the materials for our collaborative projects comes out of our own pockets, the time and labor it takes to work on these projects is unpaid, and many of the people who help us are volunteers. YES we do love doing this work! And creating mosaics especially with and for the community is always a labor of love, and of great joy. However, in order to sustain the work we do we need support from our patrons to keep our momentum going, as well as to make more art!

Your support will help us:
  • Buy materials to make more art!
  • Pay our artists!!!
  • Make more art to share with YOU: our local AND worldwide communities

As a patron, you will receive access to our behind the scenes work, insight to our creative process, work in progress, AND opportunity to be a part of our collaborative projects.

So welcome! Come be a part of our mosaic journey. Art is CONNECTION as much as it is beauty and expression and we would love for you to join us, and support us in our creative process as the adventures unfold!

Big Love To You,

the Mosaic On A Stick team

You can check out our mission and work we do at our website

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