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Five bucks a month? Thank you! In return, you'll get LOTS of my love, rewards above and also gets access to:

  • Access to Sketches and WIPs, and screenshot of my art progress. 
  • Access to Monthly Tutorial Polls!  I'll propose a poll on the topic for the tutorial, and I'll try my best to provide tutorials and guides!*

*The tutorials itself will be shared publicly, because we are all learning together after all!

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Thank you for your support! In return, you'll get TONS of my love and also gets access to:

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Hi! Name's Britanny (but seriously guys, just call me Mossy)

I'm an artist and work as a freelance illustrator. By supporting me on patreon, you'll be helping me to have stable income so that I can share more art, tutorials and also content rewards for you guys!

 As the title says above, I do Digital Illustrations. Name it yourself; originals, fan arts, concept arts, character design, memes, anything related to illustrations are basically my thing. I had hoped to explore more of myself mainly on working for more character designs, and hopefully have to start my own stories from it!

What's in my Patreon?
In my patreon, you will find WIPs on current projects and drawings that I make, monthly art for patrons*, polls for tutorials and also early announcements on commission openings! 

Where to find me?
I got social accounts for mainly posting my personal illustrations and some works, you can totes find me here:
InstagramTumblr +  ArtStation

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!
*All monthly artwork will be delivered at the end of each month!
100% complete
Oh my, didn't expect I'd go this far!

As for patreon plans, I will add 40$ tier tier where I present couple illustration (or two people in one canvas) of the characters of your choice every month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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