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About Mostly Kobolds

Mark and Avery are two dorks living somewhere in the English West Midlands who, due to some freak accident formed the vaguely competent podcasting (and occasionally writing) duo Mostly Kobolds. Their previous escapades include the general topic podcasts Like What I Like and Mostly Kobolds Extend, whilst their current project DiC Geeks (which delves into the archives of defunct animation studio DiC Entertainment looking for something vaguely watchable) is currently well past 50 episodes and counting.

But content creation is tiring and difficult, especially when it involves watching poorly-made cartoons that you in no way want to watch. It's also costly; between transportation, web hosting, equipment and the dreaded snack budget, we have (well, Mark has) invested a lot into our projects. That's not going to change any time soon, but even a small reduction of those overheads would give us the opportunity to improve our output, and also hopefully give us the confidence to actually expand upon some of the more time-consuming concepts we have on the back burner.
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