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About Motel Americana Podcast

Welcome to the Motel Americana Podcast! Odd and Lovely Tales at Reasonable Rates!

Serious thanks for considering supporting the Motel Americana Podcast, especially at this crucial juncture as it's just opening its doors to world-weary travelers.... just like you.

This is a passion project, a labor of love, and a weird and wonderful place to spend the night or, with a little love and luck, a lifetime.

By supporting the Motel Americana you'll ensure that it stays up and running, expands its scope, and improves its production values.

100% of your contributions will be directly applied to getting my hands on better equipment as well as contracting the resources needed to transcribe the written source materials, digitize Oscar's original surveillance recordings for integration into the episodes, maintain and grow the show's infrastructure, generate its artwork and, of course, edit and produce the show itself.

Ultimately, all that adds up to a better listening experience for you the listener, which is the point of all this after all, providing a higher quality product that can be released on a regular schedule (there are currently six episodes produced and released or soon to be released. Many more are on deck). 

Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns whatsoever at [email protected].

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Thanks again for ringing the desk bell.

Your humble narrator,
Jack Same

Just checking in? Here's the story:

Motel Americana is a short story podcast consisting of odd and lovely tales set in a crummy motel in Jersey circa the 1980’s. The stories run the literary gamut, from sci-fi and horror to comedy and romance.

I came into possession of the source material for these stories as a kid in 1988 while staying at the motel with my family. The first episode describes in detail the circumstances and content of this acquisition.

Primarily, what’s presented are dramatic readings of those accounts, which were written by Oscar Garrett, a teenager who lived at the motel with his family and evidently bugged the rooms– the tales are unarguably based on actual audio surveillance recordings of the lodgers that stayed at the motel.

My intention is to weave into the episodes the actual surveillance audio wherever possible. My hope is that as my production resources grow (hence, this Patreon page!), this editing approach will become more prevalent in subsequent episodes so that each release features as their respective center pieces the original surveillance audio.

In any event, as I sort my way through the material, I’m finding that many of the characters’ tales are loosely interconnected. And they're beginning to offer a backdrop, and perhaps some answers, to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the eventual disappearance of Oscar and, indeed, of the motel itself...

But I won’t get ahead of myself.

Making sense of Oscar’s stories is an endeavor of discovery, attended by the wide array of joys, fears, and terrible uncertainties that make any discovery worth the effort. Thanks for discovering  along with me. 


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