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About Mother's Basement

Who am I?
Anime, Games, Movies… the best of them affect us deeply, thanks to thousands of little details that we’re not supposed to think about. I'm Geoff Thew, professional dirtbag, and I do nothing but think about those details. Because when you start to really appreciate them, it helps you love your favourite media on a whole new level.

My YouTube channel, Mother's Basement, focuses on analyzing specific aspects of media - like levels in video games, or opening theme songs to anime - in order to figure out what makes them tick. If you enjoy critical breakdowns of cinematography and symbolism, discussion of the production process, and educational tangents about science and other topics, you'll find all that and more in my Mother's Basement.

What Will You be Funding?
My channel has two main series - "What's in an OP?," where I analyze the opening theme songs of anime, and "What' s in a Game?," where I analyze things like mechanics, cutscenes, and level design. What's in an OP? comes out every other week, while What's in a Game comes out once per month. In addition to these, I produce at least one review, toplist, rant, or additional analysis video every month.

So that's at least four videos every month, two about anime, one about games, and one wild card. And you'll be funding all of it. Of course, some of you will only want to watch the anime stuff, and some of you will only want to watch the gaming videos, which is why I've decided to make the payment schedule monthly instead of per-video. That way you can kick in however much you feel is fair for how much I cover whatever interests you.

Why Back Me?
Hopefully because you've seen my stuff and like what I do! And because you know I'll deliver. I hold every video I make to a professional standard of quality, and I've been consistently following a regular schedule since the channel started. I plan to put every penny I earn toward paying for equipment, editing services, and other stuff to help me create more, better content. If we can raise enough, I'll be able to do two anime or gaming analysis videos every week.

I'm NEVER going to hide my content behind a paywall - the point of patreon is to improve the channel, not take away from it. And again, I'm very adamant about sticking to my schedule, so you will get increasing value every month for your contribution - whatever you feel four videos (or more) per month are worth.

But if you want the pot sweetened a little, I've also got some pretty slick reward tiers below that give you more ways to interact with - and even be part of - the channel. Check them out in the sidebar.
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(When I first set these goals, patreon was my only source of income, but now that my business is self-sufficient, it makes more sense to focus on community-centric goals. I'll be figuring out ways to bring the MB community together)
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