is creating Animated maps for sci-fi RPG
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You get a still image of the maps in JPG for VTT platforms (like roll20) with 1 inch grid overlay (35x20) and my deepest appreciation for your support.

With your support we are going to reach our goal, slowly but surely. 

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- Besides the STL tear level reward you get a FULL HD animated version in mp4 format with carefully composed ambient sound.

- Access to the community and the right to vote on future themes. 

With your support we are going to reach our goals faster than light. 




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About MotionMaps

Thank you for visiting this page, where you can support the animated scifi maps!

Check out the posts and find the first reward, which is a free giveaway, a base reactor scene, where you can have a memorable encounter in your scifi roleplaying game. 
We'll continue to create and release one or two animated map (including statics) monthly. 
Each one of our maps is a looping HD video (and high quality still image for online platforms), a carefully designed scifi action scene for roleplaying encounters played on digital gaming tables. In addition to the live environment, each motion map features well-composed ambient sounds, creating a perfect atmosphere for you and for your players to take your imagination to the next level.

If you click "become a patron", you immediately get access to the rewards for free and be able to choose a donation tier for the future releases. We currently have two different tiers for $2 and $5 / map. The highest tier level pledgers receive both HD video files and high quality still images. You can cancel or adjust your patronage at any time.
The number of maps We publish in the month determines how much you contribute.
For example, if you pledge $5 per map and that month We publish 2 rewards, you'll contribute $10 for that month. If we fail to release maps, you will not be billed.

Large part of the money donated to this Patreon goes to supporting this project. (We'll buy new 3d models and plugins and bring you new themes) as well as enabling me to allocate more time into mapmaking.

Thank you for noticing and paying attention our Patreon page! 

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