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This tier offers the weekly feature article for the Mountain Guerrilla Blog, and a few additional benefits to be announced as they become available. It is for general supporters of the efforts of the blog. The only added benefit in this tier will be the exclusive ability to purchase ebook versions of some small training projects I am currently working on, at a discounted price. While those will be free to $5 subscribers, non-subscribers will only be able to purchase them in the print format.

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In addition to the weekly feature article, this blog will recieve an additional training-specific article each week, and a weekly update of John Mosby's personal training journal notes, and a weekly training report of our local weekly range sessions. These may be used to help develop your own training plans. It will also offer exclusive, free ebook versions of some small projects I am currently working on.

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You don't get anything extra for this tier. Joe Fox and another SF buddy just told me I needed to include this one. You will get my wife's gratitude though!



About Mountain Guerrilla Blog

This is the Patreon Page for John Mosby's Mountain Guerrilla Blog. My purpose here, as at the original blog, is to provide concepts and tools to help people thrive in this cyberpunk dystopian future we seem to be experiencing.

This venue gives me even more freedom than the blog to pursue the avenues I feel are most relevant. We will focus on the application of Unconventional Warfare doctrine and theory, Permaculture, Barbarian Tribal anthropology, and other tools, as well as discussing the repercussions of some of the convergence of catastrophes we find ourselves confronted with.

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