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About Mountain.Love.Music.

Since 2006, Scout MacKay has been passionate about bringing music lessons to children and teenagers in Latin America without resources, and especially to those living in extreme poverty. She has since taught in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia, in some of the most neglected neighborhoods of Guatemala City, and is currently teaching music in Mexico City.  

Scout's music lessons in guitar, piano, ukulele, voice, composition and recording inspire joy, tranquility and self-confidence in her students. She works effortlessly to adapt to the unique interests of her students and introduces theory, reading techniques, but more than anything the confidence to create and for her students to tell their stories through song.

Her students love the enthusiasm and energy that she dedicates to helping them bring out the musician each one of us has within. Her lessons are completely oriented to the specific objectives of their students, although she encourages them all to be multi-instrumentalists and singers.

Classes are taught in Spanish and English for a unique experience in cultural immersion and to empower her students with a second language.

Supporting Scout MacKay's project Mountain.Love.Music. will bring music lessons and insturments to children living in poverty and extreme conditions in Mexico City and continue to connect with the teenagers and children she's taught in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Guatemala. 

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