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About Team Mousetalgia

Team Mousetalgia (which consists of Dave and Becky Breiland, Kristen Pfeifer, and Jeff Baham) is devoted to creating the most informative, dedicated, and relevant Disney podcast in the entire podcastosphere.

We're based on the west coast, so our beat includes everything from the farthest reaches of the Pacific Northwest (well, just up to Seattle and the PNW Mouse Meet - sorry, Canada!) all the way down to the southernmost tip of the state... and everything in between (which is mostly all the fun stuff in LA and Anaheim - yay Disneyland and D23! - and San Francisco, which is where the Walt Disney Family Museum is located.) But we also take occasional trips to Florida and Europe and Hawaii and the Caribbean... wherever the Mouse leads, we eventually follow. You'll hear all about those escapades on Mousetalgia every Monday morning, as you have since 2008.

We also talk about Disney collectibles, Disney history, Disney films, Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney communities, and we try to keep it all fun, humorous, and full of joy. If you've never heard us before, stop reading our Patreon page and go check out the show at Come back when you've heard at least a dozen episodes and know a little bit about what we're trying to do. If you're new to us, we don't want your money. But we'd love to win over a new listener, so give us a shot.

But if you're here because you heard us advertising Mousetalgia Plus, then welcome! We love producing Mousetalgia each week, so we'll never stop, and it will never cost you a dime. Our sponsor keeps us happy, and you keep our sponsor happy, and it's just wins all around. But we've heard your cry for more. More insight. More personal stories of struggle and triumph. More reviews of the latest Disney whosits and whatsits. More Mousetalgia. So to that end, we've decided to "plus up" our current broadcasting schedule, to shamelessly borrow a term Walt Disney is said to have used. Allow us to introduce... Mousetalgia Plus.

So take a look at the various pledge levels, and if Mousetalgia Plus is something you'd like to support, welcome aboard. And if it's not for you at this time, we hope you'll still tune in and catch us next Monday anyway! Carpe Kingdom!

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