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About MouseWithADinosaurTail

I never planned to start a webcomic. I never thought I'd get into art at all, in fact! But one morning in July of 2018, I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom, having just finished a session in Pokemon Omega Ruby. For reasons I still don't understand, I could see it in my head: the opening six pages of a comic about a cheerful little mudkip named Cedar. I grabbed a pencil and a spiral notebook, sketched them all out, and spent the next few days finalizing them on the computer. I had no idea what I was doing- I didn't even know how to line and shade- but I managed to finish the first six pages of Finding Your Roots. From that point, there was no going back.

I created Finding Your Roots with the goal of bringing together my two favorite genres of pokemon fanworks: Nuzlockes and Pokemon Mystery Dungeons. I'd been reading nuzlocke comics for a long time, but I'd never seen anyone approach a nuzlocke comic by retelling the gameplay in a PMD world. I wanted to be the one to make this happen, and Finding Your Roots grew from that idea. It's not a traditional nuzlocke comic, and it's not a traditional PMD comic, but instead takes the magic of both and brings them together into something special. From there, it became a story about a lot of things: friendship, race, disability, loneliness, family. But above all, it's a story about finding yourself, overcoming the things that hold you back, and having hope no matter what. It's a story I brought into the world to make people smile, and that's all I want to do.

As a college student with a lot on her plate, I can't hold down a job while studying. However, despite my schoolwork, I still manage to keep up with my comic, usually completing 3-5 pages a week! Having a little monetary support while I study and work on my webcomic would help me to keep saving for the future and purchase supplies for my bunny Clover and my little pet mouse Chara. No support is ever required, and Finding Your Roots will always be available to the public free of charge. But if you feel like helping support this mouse as she draws her story, it'd mean the absolute world! 

Thanks so much for checking out my patreon. I hope you have a lovely day, and keep on smiling!
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Even just a little support goes a long way! For joining the ranks of the mudkips, you'll receive:

  • My thanks and love!
  • Early viewing of all comic updates, a week before everyone else.
  • Guaranteed question acceptance in comic Q&A's.
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You've grown in strength and have into marshtomp! For making such a wonderful achievement, you'll receive:

  • My thanks and love!
  • All previously listed rewards.
  • Access to Fun Fact Friday, in which I will release a fun fact about Finding Your Roots every week. This can be anything from worldbuilding information to character tidbits to teasers for upcoming story arcs. 
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You're now a swampert, one of the most powerful axolotls in the world! And with great power comes great rewards. You'll receive:

  • My thanks and love!
  • All previously listed rewards.
  • Access to a behind-the-scenes comic blog. Pages of Finding Your Roots are drawn months in advance, so the comic is always far ahead of what is viewable publicly. This blog will keep you up to date on comic progress and give insight into my creative process.
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When I reach $150 per month, I'll drop a full teaser chapter for PMD:S, my next long-term comic that I plan to dive into once Finding Your Roots is finished.
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