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About Daniel

Hello there,

I am Daniel, the creator of the software Mouse Wrap.

The software can be found here:

Developing this useful yet mighty helpful app has been my pet project for over 15 years now. The small amount of PayPal donations I received over the years has helped keep the hosting site going.

I started the project during my college days in the UK originally under the website called Ex-D Software Development. Interest picked up during University when it was reviewed by a Swedish magazine publisher.

Mouse Wrap 3.0, released in 2010 with a smaller download and other improvements, as well as changing the software host site to QD Studios, which currently is dedicated to hosting Mouse Wrap. I am proud to say, version 3.3 released in 2013, is still being used today. However even though the software works on the latest version of Windows, updates are required as it it was never formally developed and tested for Windows 10.

In the last few years donations have diminished and therefore I am moving from direct PayPal Donations to Patreon. This will be the last effort to test the waters of Mouse Wrap's on going interests ad continued updates. I am looking forward to a response and to work on a much needed Mouse Wrap 4.0 major update.

As you’ll see I’ve set up some goals to aim for, some of which, such as multi-montior support have been suggested multiple times and is high on my list of to-dos. I would be happy to accept other suggestions too.

I understand this is a small app, but if you do find it useful then please do support the continued development time.

I am also considering to make the project open source if we can pass the first milestone in funding. 

Thank you so much, again, if you have previously donated and are visiting from a recent newsletter, every little has helped keep the development going.

If you have just discovered Mouse Wrap and are still evaluating how useful it can be, then please do check back or consider subscribing to the newsletter from the website.

Let’s see where we can take this.

 ~ Daniel Downes
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