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About esther m palmer

Welcome to mov/ed with esther m palmer!

This is my space for sharing movement education with fans of my teaching, and building community around moving + learning. Thank you for your support + engagement that enables me to do what I love!

Every month, I share a bunch of mov/ed goodies to keep you moving through learning (which includes doing! theory is only halfway).

"Mov/ed goodies" includes yoga + meditation practices (audio), movement tutorials (video), and informational articles + workbooks

All of this is designed to help you make movement — the kind that helps you feel good day in and day out— a real part of your life. I'll teach you skills that help you make choices for yourself and stay active in ways you enjoy — including and beyond the practices I offer here.

Mov/ed Members get exclusive new teachings from me, including:

  • Yoga Mov/es: my yoga teaching in audio format, 1-3 monthly episodes
  • Mov/ed Podcast: episodes on movement education for your body, mind, and life, 1-3 monthly episodes
  • Mind mov/es: occasional episodes on meditation just for mov/ed members, plus select episodes from my existing meditation podcast, Esther's Everyday Meditation Podcast (all in one place ;)
  • Tutorials + workbooks: occasional extra tools (videos + quizzes!) to help you connect with your mov/es.
  • Mov/e notes: mov/ed member updates! Or you can think of them as weekly love notes from me.

My hope is that even more than having a fresh roster of practices + lessons to choose from each month, the cumulative effect of mov/ed in your life month after month will be a more informed, more engaged, more moving you!

How you get your mov/ed content
Every week I'll update you with what's new inside your Mov/ed Membership. You can access new posts via my patreon page (in browser or app), load the feed into your favorite podcast app, or download what you want and use it where you like!

And! because I want to support all modes of learning for my mov/ed members: discounts!
  • 20% discount on custom online sessions
  • 30% discount on online courses (in development!)

All your mov/ed goodness in one place for a monthly membership rate that you choose (and can adjust over time).  

Need to know more about me? You can read my bio + credentials at

Ready to mov/e? Let's go!

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