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"I kinda like your show."

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So, you've listened to an episode or two or ten and decided that you kinda like what Rob and Jay have to say. Pledging a buck a month helps cover the hosting and other fees that keep this show happ...

"Popcorn's on me next time. Well, for one of you."

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This pledge amount buys either Rob or Jay popcorn or a soda or whatever the next time they go to see a movie. You can specify which one of us gets the popcorn, I guess. Kind of a dick move for the ...

"I've got your next movie ticket. But not the other guy's."

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You are so generous that you're buying one of us a damn movie ticket! Those things aren't cheap and you're taking that burden off one of your favorite movie-goers. Of course, one of us is ...

"I'm your biggest fan, and I'm buying your tickets from now on!"

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This pledge is hard evidence that you are a true superfan. Maybe even our biggest superfan. For $20 a month, you can call yourself whatever you damn well please. At this level, Rob and Jay...