Movies That Made Us Gay

is creating a podcast about the movies that influenced our queerness

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About Movies That Made Us Gay

Hi boys and girls and everyone in between!  

Welcome to the Patreon for Movies That Made Us Gay, the podcast where we talk about the movies we obsessed over as kids that had an influence on our grown up gay-as-hell lives!

We originally started this podcast as a creative outlet to work on together as a married couple. We knew that with minimal equipment and a good idea we could produce something that we could be proud of. We both love movies so we knew a show focused on film/cinema history would be right up our alley and spinning it towards the queer/LGBTQIA community was the perfect hook. Plus we both love listening to the sounds of our own voices so podcasting was the logical choice.

We decided that our show was going to have to have a strong hook – the movies that we obsessed over as kids that had an influence on our adult queerness. We decided that we wouldn’t be another queer cinema podcast that only discussed movies centered on gay characters. In fact most of our movies aren’t about queer people at all – what we’ve discovered is they’re about outsiders, mostly women who use their wits, the humor and their attitude to succeed over the obstacles in their lives.

We produce the show on our own - which includes research, booking guests, recording, editing, and producing all the social media content. We always knew starting a podcast means operating at a loss at the beginning so we decided to start the Patreon to help with the monthly costs of keeping the show on the air ad-free as well as eqipment to help us sound as professional as possible.

It's more important than ever to keep queer spaces available to everyone. A huge Thank You to everyone out there for donating and helping to keep a couple of queers on the air!


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