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Hi guys, thanks for visiting my Patreon! I have a short message from our great commander:

I speak to you here today as Moya rolls out the first season of the podcast with triumphant enthusiasm for a glorious future. With independent spirit, we march forwards into the future and once again ready ourselves for a dynamic struggle to produce season two. Together we will create a bright future for podcast listeners around our glorious Nation(s), with voice actors and a writer who holds tight to his breast the burning torch of independence and self-reliance from large networks that threaten to destroy all that we hold dear as we speak! Together, we will march forwards and emerge victorious with a glorious prequel season. for podcast listeners everywhere. Each of us all!

Uh humm, please excuse that guy..I think he's a big deal somewhere. He has a lot of medals at least. As mentioned though, Season one is rolling out right now and I'm currently working on the planning stages of season two. It would be nice if season two could be bigger and better however, not least because I can't really do female voices. It also wouldn't be too bad if I could get a bit of spare change back for the nights spent facerolling on my keyboard whilst trying to figure out multiple timelines for birth dates. If you enjoy the show and would like to help make season two as great as I want it to be, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for listening,

Ben x

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Nice one thanks for your support. You will have the comfort of knowing that you (probably) will never be sent to an iX sector.

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I guess some are a little less equal though right?
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$13 of $20 per month
This will cover the hosting fees for Moya, which would be a nice start...
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