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About Alexander Steenhorst

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Hi, my name is Alexander and I'm a Strategy Design Consultant based in Amsterdam. During the day I help companies to tell inspiring visual stories. But I'm also a big fan of making my own visual stories. 

If you want to learn how to create visual stories you're at the right address. So let's make exactly that! But what does this mean? Do you have to be good at drawing? Do have to be good at telling stories? And what is my style anyways? So many questions!

Making a visual story (or art) can be very hard. But, in my opinion it dependents on two things
1) Understanding your medium (drawing, painting, playing the bass, whatever)
2) Finding your inner voice (your view or gift to the world)

With a background in background in psychology and experience as a trainer & coach I'm here to help you find the next step. You can decide what steps to take. Do you want to jump? Or take baby steps in the right direction? Choose your tier in right column and you're on your way on becoming an artist of life. 

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