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About Mr and Mrs All Jokes Aside

Nick and Natallia, two very different people from two very different backgrounds.
However, that hasn’t stopped them from loving each other and working with each other.
The show, Mr and Mrs All Jokes Aside reflects how they are with each other and what kind of personality they both have. There’s Nick: a loud, bubbly and controversial person. And then there’s Natallia: a well mannered, sensible, and understanding person.
Both funny in their own ways.
The show is 100% real and that was an order from both Nick and Natallia.
There is no edit to each episode and what you hear is what everyone else hears.
The topics are picked from either one of the presenters or from one of the listeners. Yes, a couple of episodes has had moments when there is a heated debate/argument between the couple, but that is perfectly fine with them.
Every relationship on this planet has its moments. It’s never a walk in the park and it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. However, the shows teach us what they’re both like as people away from the episodes as well.

“Working with someone who completely understands me on all levels makes the shows a lot better for me. When we record the episodes, we have a laugh and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Mr and Mrs All Jokes Aside will be forever!” - Nick

“Mr and Mrs All Jokes Aside is important to me because I get to work with, not just my best friend, but my fiance in a stress-free way. We have lots of laughs and plus we inspire people with our experiences.” - Natallia

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