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Like I mentioned in the 'About' section, with becoming a Patreon you will get everything I can give (music related ofcourse). 

- You will be mentioned in the credits of all the upcoming videoclips (because of you I will be able to make one).

- You will get exclusive merchandise (think of exclusive T-shirts, hats etc. when I have them because I'm currently designing them so they are coming soon, really, I promise =).

- Meet and greet? (ofcourse I will not go on the airplane to go to whatever country so if you're in the Netherlands we'll meet, and if in the future I'm giving a show in your country? No problem, you'll be VIP!!)

- Just ask me if you want something, we can always talk about it =)




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About Mr. Beemer

My name is Laurent Beemer, also known as the music producer and artist Mr. Beemer. I was born and raised in a non professional musical familiy. Currently I'm making music for more then 15 years and I'm able to make almost every genre there is and I still see that I improve every day.

Ever since I was little I'm fascinated with sounds. It is something you can't see, yet it is there. I saw how music could heal people. For example when someone was sad, I was able to make them happy by playing a song for them. In other words, I´ve always believed in the healing powers of music. 

I always had (and still have) trouble asking money for my music for shows etc., because I'm so incredibly grateful that people listen to my music. Unfortunately I have seen that if I want to reach a bigger audience, I have to invest in my music (videoclips, studiogear, promotion and so on). That's why I created a Patreon page, for people who want to support my music and also believe in the healing powers of music.

The last EP that I have released, called 'Alteration' (and even the music of people I collaborated with), is a good example of subjects I like to address in my music. The EP 'Alteration' contains 5 tracks and are the order of the tracks have a meaning behind them. In the first track, called 'Despair', I address the feeling of being desperate. The last track is about feeling 'Alive' or in other words feeling and being yourself. The tracks in between addresses the emotional states or pathway from being desperate and unhappy to feeling alive and happy. I know this is something everyone can relate to and with this EP, I kinda show people that there is always a path to love and hapiness. 

Unfortunately my fanbase is still small but the reactions I got of these few people that listened to my music are amazing. Not only my EP (and other music) but also the first music video I released called 'Cosmopolitan'. It's a short film were only music (no lyrics) and video explain a story. 

I will show more of myself in future music and social media, so you get a better picture of who I am and how I'm trying to cure the world with my music. I have a good memory so every one of you who decides to support me through Patreon, I will not forget and will give you anything I can give in return. You want a meet and greet and talk about life? No problem. You want my upcoming album? It's all yours. 

Thank you for reading and hopefully we meet again!
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