Mr Brainz is creating Garage n Bass Mixes and Radio Shows

Chuck Me A Buck

$2 /mo
Wish me luck. Chuck me a buck per show. You'll get access to new shows a day early. At 50¢ per week I'll be super duper appreciative.

The Brainz Bass Boost For Audiophiles

$5 /mo
For just over a dollar a week you'll get access to the Brainz Bass Boost. Get access to higher quality downloads, including the Brainz Archive and new shows as they're released. Aubergine-tastic. 🍆

Say My Name, Baby!

$10 /mo
Get a shoutout every show, plus everything above. Go on, you love it when I say your name.

The Inside Track(t Infection)

$15 /mo
Get all of the above, plus a fortnightly summary of the best free tunes on the web to download. You'll have a banging collection to mix like the pros in no time.

The Underground Brown Door

$20 /mo
So you're holding an extra $20, you considered buying a bong hit of dirt weed, feeding your children or giving it to a bank to earn 0.5% AER. Why not consider throwing it my way?

You'll get:...

I have more money than sense

$100 /mo
So you've just smoked crack. You've realised I have a $100 tier. You've thought "Crack's great. It helps with things like when you have a problem with having too many teeth." Then you decide to fli...

I wipe my stinker with $20 bills

$500 /mo
You have your own personal DJ. I will do you your own personal mix every month. Either you can choose the track list or can do it for you. You'll also get everything above, including the clothed Sk...