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  • California DUI Checkpoint locations updated every friday and saturday night at 6pm, 9pm and midnight PST.
  • Your support is much appreciated and allows us to do what we love, help others!

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The California Checkpoint Community on Telegram. The channel posts California DUI Checkpoint information that we receive and any other relevant updates that we think should be known. 

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About Mr. Checkpoint


Many of you know me as Mr. Checkpoint, but my name is Sennett Devermont. I am founder and owner of Mr. Checkpoint, and we can't be more excited to be here at Patreon, and to use this platform to present the membership and service. 

I’m amazed that a little twitter feed started in 2011 has grown into such a powerful, active, and caring community that works together for a genuine force of good. We collectively take pride in our goal to spread knowledge, empower people, and encourage responsibility to   create safer communities.

We all know that feeling of anxiety in the pit of our stomach when we see those red and blue flashing lights suddenly appear in our rear-view mirror. In that moment many of us feel powerless, unsafe, with the potential to be victimized. I am sincerely grateful for the public servants who are sworn to protect us as well as our constitutional rights. However, it is apparent that there’s a gap what is ideal and what is real. Occasionally a line is crossed—and that’s why Mr. Checkpoint exists.

What drives my passion? It happened to me, just like it happens to so many other.  I’ve experienced the humiliation of a false DUI arrest — and was 100% sober. I was pulled over for what should have been a normal traffic stop. I knew my rights, and refused the field sobriety test, per California law — and recorded the stop on my phone. The officer didn’t respond well to my right to refuse, I was handcuffed and escorted to local ER for a blood draw and I spent a humiliating night in jail. Unfortunately, it did not end there- I had to pay the time and expenses of having my car impounded and my dogs put in the pound! Three months later, the blood results proved that I was sober. Three years later, the city of Santa Monica settled my lawsuit for the wrongful arrest, which enabled Mr. Checkpoint to become the influential platform it is today.

What has kept Mr. Checkpoint going year after year is the support of the Mr. Checkpoint community. All those photos, messages, emails, and texts you send are essential to the foundation of  what we are, and strive to be.

Many of you tell me every day:

  • I came to Mr. Checkpoint to avoid DUI checkpoints, but then became aware of the dangers of DUI, and stopped drinking and driving, and in some cases stopped drinking altogether.
  • I learned about my rights from Mr. Checkpoint, and it makes me feel safer knowing what I can and can’t do when interacting with police.

What we’ve learned is that when DUI checkpoints are publicized, people think twice about DUI and are reminded the high cost and life changing consequences — not just to the driver but to everyone around them. The message is getting out and it's working!  As we often say, "if you can't afford a ride home, you can't afford a $10k DUI!".

Beyond encouraging responsibility behind the wheel, we regularly remind the community of our constitutional rights, local laws, and ways to interact with police for the safety of all. By simply recording police interactions with our cell phone, we are reminding all public servants that there is a chance to go viral, and whether the world sees something positive or negative, is up to the officer.

Mr. Checkpoint is for everyone—citizens and police alike—empowering people to be informed, armed with knowledge, and looking out for each other—in real-time.

Here's the reality: This service and keeping up with its exponential growth and demand is not possible to continue and remain independent without your help. Therefore, I am reaching asking that in addition to your photos and messages, you consider participating with as little as $2 a month, to keep Mr. Checkpoint alive — and to save lives in the process.

Your support sends an important message to an audience that no one else is reaching. Police officers, police agencies, anti-DUI organizations and community members have publicly come out to support Mr. Checkpoint. It is a privilege to serve the community and I thank you all for your time, energy and anticipated support, necessary to keep Mr. Checkpoint independent. 🧡

Be safe,

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This will essentially pay for our expenses and makes sure the lights stay on so that we can continue to 2020! Contribute and share to keep the movement alive and well. Thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 482 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 482 exclusive posts

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