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For the ones who want to show love for the sake of showing love when words won't do. 

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This will be a special corner to talk about the things that inform my career choices... my family life. Topics of marriage, fatherhood and personal practices will be covered here.

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Welcome to my Patreon page! This is my staging ground for a few of my interests and as well as an opportunity to gain insight into my music career and life. I've been exploring and creating music since I was 5, though I didn't start playing for folks that weren't my family or friends (read: getting paid) until I was 16. My new roles as husband, father and building hobbyist are being discovered daily and I find them to be a great adventure. Not easy. Still great though.

That said, I feel like I get that "what do you do/what are you doing" question SO much from both strangers and close friends and family. And while some of you have figured it out to a degree, some are still trying to get to the bottom of this. Including ME! Well, here is your exclusive access into the things that make up what I do!

The MAIN reason I've chosen this platform is to create an opportunity for fans to support me in a special way while also creating an affordable resource for my students and those interested in learning about various musical and personal topics. Patreon removes the challenge of distance. 

I've personally funded various projects with my own resources for years, including the build-out of my home studio, currently dubbed the "mntlLAB studio" (mntl, pronounced mental). The studio's name is a nod to my dad's business where I worked as a teenager - Mullings Dental Lab.  My "Lab" is a space for experimentation, research and education.  Each year I have provided artists with the equipment to launch their projects; taught students of various backgrounds and given people the space to explore and advance their development as creatives.

One of my own projects involves helping educate and propel creatives/musicians who are short on traditional resources, but have a catalog of work that they have yet to share with the world. These aptly named "passion projects" always come with an unavoidable price tag which pales in comparison to the impact their inspired work will have on the world community.

The content on this page will span all things music and life; not necessarily in that order. I hope you'll be able to find your favorite interest as a partner with me in all this. And I will discover a way to lay it out for you to access. You'll be helping me to do music in a really special way, and for some of you, you'll find valuable resources you can use and share with the world.

The first project I'm developing here is a resource for musicians aspiring to increase their knowledge and technique in rhythmic fundamentals.  One thing I have learned along this life journey is we sometimes have to revert to the basics to move forward.  And while Allen Iverson's rant continues to make us laugh, I think my 5 year old son has a better take - "practice makes permanent".  I'll be leaning heavily into this in the first few months, but if you find there are topics you'd like me to cover more immediately, please let me know and I'll put it on the cue.

With your support, I'll feature amazing artists' work (completed and in-process) as well as their perspectives on life things. I'll also share any knowledge I have about thriving as a full-time musician, a musician/parent, a musician/husband... pretty much, I'll be an open book.

We can do this together! You help grant creators and me the freedom to create. And I will provide the space and time to make valuable work. Please consider committing to a monthly pledge at a level that feels comfortable to you. Of course the more support there is, the more resources I can provide.

Thank you so much for your support.  Now let's get into it.
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When I reach $250 per month, I'll execute an initiative, starting in my hometown of Mount Vernon, NY, to offer and facilitate a monthly series of FREE in-person group lesson at my studio, the mntlLab. The focus will be reading and interpreting music and will be open to ALL musicians and music theorists. Instrumental groove study and song review will be our platform.

I will stream the sessions so that those outside of the Mount Vernon area can join in with the information, glean the materials and ask questions in real-time as if they were a part of the class.

The hope is that if various levels exist in the community, the more experienced can stretch their teaching muscle and increase their learning from that perspective while the newer readers are surrounded and supported by stronger readers.

My hope is that this culture of exposure to musical information and sharing in this way will strengthen the community and create opportunities for collaboration with like minded individuals.
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