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Although it's only $1 it means the world to me that you would help. Your name will go in the info as a Patreon supporter. (If you want)
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I would assume I would get more than $2.50 that twitch pays Kappa. I'll consider you a "Sub" and same reward as the first goal.
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Man, if anyone gives over $10 I don't even know. You can have mod I guess. I'm unsure of a reward. Same rewards as previous goals.




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About MrHecticGamer

This is, well.  As you probably know I stream on Twitch almost daily and I probably won't be partnered anytime soon.  I made this for  the people who truly enjoy what I do and want to support me to the bitter end.  Instead of having to donate all the time one can just sign up for any amount a month to help me out.  Unlike twitch it can be below and above a $5 limit.  Thank you all for your support.
$0 of $100 per month
I don't really have any goals money wise.  I just need to pay $100 to live at the moment.  Besides for what I have to pay for I'm just saving money for pc upgrades and the ability to actually buy games.
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