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Discord Access

$1 /mo
The entry level actually gets you a lot of rewards! First, you'll be given access to the MrKravin Discord server! Discord is a free gaming-centric voice chat program. You can come hang out and talk...

Name In Credits / Movie Night

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Get your name in the credits at the end of my video! Want to see your name under my list of Patron's after every video? Well here is how! I'll also be sending you an invite to a private Monthly Mov...

Patron Pick

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Pick a game I play! At this level, you get to hand-pick a game for me to play on my channel. It has to be appropriate for Youtube, but for the most part, anything goes!


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Free merch! At this tier you get everything listed above, plus free swag as it becomes available. While the reward won't be monthly, it will be frequent!