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About Mr. Manning

Some time ago I was asked to teach a Middle School coding class, despite not having a strong coding background. I naively decided that I would search out resources that would teach my students how to make real websites and games, that they can show off at home, or even put on a resume. I came up disappointed. The coding programs I found were either childish, or require far more knowledge, money, and equipment than a teenager has access too.

So I set about teaching myself how to create professional looking websites and games that cost no money to make, that don't require gaming computers, and that use software and websites that can be accessed in a school computer system. I then had to create a curriculum to transmit this knowledge and ability to students as low as 6th grade reading and math levels. It was a long, hard struggle. But it was worth it when I watched an 12 year old show off a game he made to his parents and described, in coding terms, the underlying mechanics of it.   

I want to expand my method of transitioning kids from the child friendly coding programs, such as scratch, to the real world of coding, beyond just my classroom. And I want to offer my program for little or no cost to as many kids as possible. But I can't do that without your help. It is very time consuming to come up with projects for kids, make the videos that teach them how to make the projects, and then help them through all the technical fails and bugs that inevitably come along. Your contributions allow me to invest more time into this important endeavor.
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When I reach $5000 per month I will retire from public schools at the end of that school-year and work on this project full time.
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