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About Word of mouth

  1. Minarchism is the practice of libertarian intentions in the conditions of an existing state, in other words, minarchists advocate the establishment of a society based on the principles of a free market and the maximum possible state non-interference in people's lives.
  2. We also oppose the position of the anarcho-capitalists regarding the state. Since we are convinced that the state (under conditions of the maximum possible non-interference) can, on equal terms with private individuals, act as a subject of economic relations
  3. We are sure that the state is the only possible form of protection of private interests in the market, the only, at the moment possible, guarantor of the security of economic transactions and the enforcement of laws. The state, in our view, should act solely as a defender of human relations from violent interference.
  4. Our main goal is to minimize the influence of the state and its monopoly on violence
  5. The ideal image of a state that satisfies the principles of minarchism, we call the "Night-watchman state"
  6. Night-watchman state is the only acceptable mode of existence of the state
  7. https://t.me/DanMaurer -here you can read our articles
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when we collect $ 400 a month (for the purchase of equipment), we will establish a YouTube channel where we will promote our ideas and make videos on topics: philosophy, economics, politics
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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