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About mscottault

I am going to go around the world.. in a Pedal Powered Boat. 

I'm going to be the FIRST PERSON EVER to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power!
  • Propelled by Pedal Power
  • Powered by Pedal Generated Electricity
  • No Fuel
  • No Solar back up
  • Nothing but Pedal Power.. Human Powered Progress!

Global Circumnavigation is a crazy goal.. to do it by Pedal Power is even crazier.. but since I am a Life Long Cyclist it's 'right up my alley' as the saying goes. Additionally, it is my objective to use my creative talents as a Fine Art Nude Photographer to cross social barriers for effective education and/ or adoption of necessary socio- environmental concepts. As if that wasn't enough.. I’ll, also, be bringing you a crazy variety of entertaining things as I get ever closer to setting sail and while I am traversing the planet by Pedal Power!

The Short Stack:
  • I’m passionate about The Visual Arts.. so I’ll be presenting my work and stuff from friends- nudity will figure prominently.
  • I have a lifelong passion for The Culinary Arts.. so I’ll be bringing you gourmet shite! 
  • I’ve always been a Musical Hack.. so I’ll be bringing you music from other artists, my own creations and even some important covers.
  • I used to be a Publisher of sorts.. so I’ll be bringing you a wide variety of content to entertain you with.. things like
    • Horrorscopes from Mayhem & MisDemeanor
    • The Boat Build Diary
    • Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot Stuff
    • Webisodes pulled/ inspired from my Graphically Enhanced Literary Novel "The Death of Love."
      • And more.. 
Brief Background:
I’ve been a bike courier (in Calgary, AB, and Vancouver, BC), I’ve been a Sous Chef in Vancouver.. commercial painter.. and most noteworthy perhaps- I went walkabout all over North America for a number of years after I realized that studying Sociology wasn’t my bag, man. Dropped out.. and went exploring. So, although I have lived a predominantly marginalized life, I have been afforded the opportunity to explore to great detail certain specific fields.. which have given me an attention that I bring to bear herein.
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This is the preliminary launch phase.. I'll be posting, predominently, past exploits in still and video format. Not a lot of video.. mostly stills.. some new recordings that will include literary readings and interpretations.. but in the months to come, I'll be reaching out to Wooden Boat Kit Manufacturers for my Pedal Powered Boat.. I'll be networking with different models and artists.. and having a lot of fun doing it. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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