Meryl S. Kavanagh

is creating music, Second Life fashion and fiction

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About Meryl S. Kavanagh

Hey there! I'm Meryl S. Kavanagh, the producer of electro/retrowave outfit, Eyeshadow 2600 FM and owner of Second Life store, [REVOSA].

Making music, especially retrowave, is one of my dreams, and I am accomplishing that dream here and now. On top of that, I've always had a passion for art and creation, and that is part of what goes into both my music and my specialty store in Second Life.

You can also see my musical releases on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Check the website for an organized and linked list of all music releases here on Patreon (including content exclusive to Patreon).

As for each tier, which are largely currently tailored to my music, they come with their own specific rewards and also links you directly to The RetroGenesis Discord server (please contact me on Twitter directly if your patron sign-up doesn't immediately connect you).

If you're missing a specific music release, especially if it's an exclusive EP, please contact me directly and I will personally deliver it to you.

For Second Life users, I have an exclusive Patreon supporter group in-world that offers lifetime store discounts, and the ability to receive my products for free when they're released through group notices. Contact me either via Twitter (link below) or via Second Life, at my user account ℒula ℒaValette for an invite to the group (group is only accessible via invite directly from me).

Marketplace store (web store) | In-world store (mainstore within Second Life itself) | FlickrBlog

Don’t even know how to use Second Life? Check out these tutorials on the official Second Life Wiki

By signing on as a patron for as little as a dollar you'll be supporting me in these ways:
  • You patronage helps me pay for the expensive healthcare my job expects me to pay for out of every paycheck they give me
  • It also helps pay the bills, as I am accruing now that I'm back at work, up to and including cell phone service, car insurance (and possible emergencies), and maybe soon even rent.
  • A show of continuous support for the gigantic amount of music I've made/am making (don't forget to check this on the discography page linked above, and download to your heart's content!)

Feel free to join me on Twitter, since this is one of my main modes of communication!

You can now also watch me on Twitch at night ♥

$47.94 of $200 per month
200 dollars a month is my base goal. Getting here would start me on the path to having a sustainable income, and I'd be able to afford things a bit more at this point.
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