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Peering Within
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This tier is for those who want a basic understanding of some of the principles and ideas that help us learn more about ourselves and what heals and motivates us. Peering down the rabbit hole, as-it-were.

Content will be informative and educational, offered in basic and intermediate levels. The goal is to allow each individual the opportunity to discover new and unique ways to see themselves.

With a focus on wholeness, each post will address at least one (sometimes all) aspects of individual wellness including the mind, body and spirit.

All sources of reference will be included with each post as it applies so you may continue research on your own.

Tier members are invited to request certain topics or more information on anything that's posted.

No more than four posts per month.

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Diving Deeper
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This tier will be more interactive as we go into greater depth of self-exploration and self-discovery. Prepare to explore in more depth what creates and drives our behaviors and patterns. A greater understanding will allow us the ability to deepen our self-awareness and feel more in control of our selves and our lives. Self-love, self-compassion and self-improvement begin to occur naturally with this approach.

Tips, tools and tricks are offered here. Content and discussions will include aspects of Spirituality, Psychology and Philosophy to name a few. Open discussions are encouraged. Requests for certain topics to be addressed are encouraged.

No more than two posts per month.

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This tier is for those who want to or are beginning to actualize what they are learning about themselves to improve their lives. Content will occasionally include real-life examples of progress made in aspects of self-love and self-awareness.

This tier will include every post from the lower tiers. 

There will be no more than four posts per month.

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My role is to guide you on your own personal journey of self-discovery and healing. I will create different tiers based on what may appeal to different people at various stages of their own unique journey. I will use my personal experiences, education and years of mentorship in Trauma Psychology to facilitate this process.

I am a Curator of sorts so this will be an educational space with tools and tips along with resources from my collective research in order to help empower you in your everyday life and relationships. Everything here will be offered in the context of support and will never be intended to replace professional psychological and medical help.

This page is in its beta stages. If you are more interested in discussions about relationships, love, and sex or would like to be involved in my personal, creative process visit my uncensored Patreon page:

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