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About MoronSonOfBoron

Growing up on Japanese anime and manga and inspired by superhero and sci-fi comic books, I blend it all together into fun, cool, cute and sexy artwork. But mostly I draw big-tittied anime chicks. A lot of my stuff comes out of the fandom for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Equestria Girls, but there's also video games, anime, and other stuff that catches my attention. The meat of my work is a growing cast of original characters and babes I've developed over the years. With your support, I can tell their stories.

I'm on DA, NG, Twitter, Pillowfort, and other places. Just remember [ ] to find galleries and social media!

Commissions are cool and all, but I also need more time to work on my own ideas. Money goes towards website hosting and a github code repository for my projects - as well as keeping me alive and functioning. One major goal is putting up WordPress blogs to share my webcomics when I make them. Another is supporting the materials needed for 3D printing - I'd like to give fans and friends the opportunity to see and hold my girls in their own hands! I don't plan on "paywalling" my artwork; patrons get the first look at work in progress and completion, but all art is eventually posted across galleries and social media.

All patrons have early access to art. Higher reward tiers include personalized sketch requests, featuring my own original works, or characters of your choosing.

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