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is creating art and a video game
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A quick sketch profile pic! Just send me a picture of yourself, and I'll make a a black and white image with transparency.  picture for you! The avatar would be Easy to re-use everywhere!

You also get updates related to the game's development, whether it's short blurbs or screen shots and videos.

Access to the private Studios LU/NE Discord server, but with no voice chat enabled.

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About Moustafa Chamli

I'm an artist working on a video game. Not a pixel one, but a 3D one, for my own studio. I do get some help from the government, but it's about just enough to survive and make rent, which creates a stress that hampers my creativity. Your pledges would allow me to be creative without having to worry too much about whether I can allow myself to eat.

Right now, that's my main focus.

I'm thinking of hosting live streams where I work on elements of the game (and thus you can shame me for not working), and talk of various elements being worked on.

Maybe some live almost tutorial-y things at higher levels.
$45 of $200 per month
This gives me some extra income, allowing me to worry less about surviving the coming month, and just actually be creative.
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