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We help Software Developers learn and grow!

Imagine you can get clarity of what you want and what you need to control your career and lifestyle.
Imagine you have a group of supportive people having the same drive for reaching their dreams.
Imagine you can stop worrying whether you are good enough and learn how to improve with a steady pace.

Our goal at Metadevelopment is to create an environment like that: where you can learn how to control your career and lifestyle, get support and help others.

Traditional education does not focus on practices to help you as an individual succeed throughout your life. We do.

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What do we create?

Learning System

We help people create a habit of constant learning, biased towards actions and quick results. We call it Quests.

Slack-based Community

We answer all questions (including those people tend to call "stupid"), praise achievements, share failures and help each other learn and grow. 

Career Tools and Resources

At MTDV, we are applying engineering mindset to find the answers and share it with you.
We will show you various strategies and contexts to try and optimize your life and career. We filter and boil down knowledge to the essence so that you know what paths in life you can take.

Our Philosophy

Check out some of our public articles on work and career to understand our philosophy better:  

Who is behind Metadevelopment?

We are a team of professional Software Engineers:   Alex, Vlad, Artem
  • We worked in outsourcing, startups, freelance and enterprise companies.
  • We took part in founding 5 technical companies from scratch.
  • We mentored successfully over 40 developers and helped them reach their goals like relocation, better jobs, pay raise, etc.
  • We worked for startups and big companies like Coca-Cola, Wolters Kluwer, HP and Microsoft.
  • 30 years of experience as professional software engineers combined.
  • We give talks at conferences and meetups.

We have decided to make something better with the contemporary life-long learning so that people do not get lost in the industry.

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When we reach 100 people in the community, we will launch monthly webinar lectures for community members and supporters!
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