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About MTGAHelper


What led me to creating MTGAHelper? It all started 20 years ago when I tried out a certain card game in high school.

I can clearly remember thinking I had a very cool deck at the time: a white milling deck. Pretty awful in retrospect but that's how I learned to both play and love Magic. As time passed, I eventually moved on to other activities and stopped playing.

In 2018, Magic: The Gathering Arena's Beta reared its head and I was instantly hooked again by the greatest card game ever created. In all that time between high school and then, I also happened to become a developer.

I naturally started writing programs to help me analyze data such as my collection, played matches, decks over the web I want to play and after a few months it came to become what is now known as MTGAHelper.

I wanted to share the tools I am building with all the others MTGA enthusiasts out there. Hopefully you enjoy it!

All the proceeds will go towards paying server costs and keeping me motivated for continuing to add new features :)

You can join our friendly community by following this link:
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Reaching this goal will allow to expand the server-side setup to use multiple machines and distribute the workload, opening doors to new types of services
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