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Unlock exclusive content and join my community of patrons. Thank you!
  • Access to !trivia command in your channel. Access to future patreon-only commands.
  • Access to MTGBot's private...

Social Media Follow/Custom Command

$3 /mo
Let's make it official on social media.
  • Social media follow
  • A simple custom command that will answer to only you (After approval). For example !fortheempire would respond with "Go...

Behind The Scenes

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A special thank you to my most supportive of patreons.
  • A custom command for your channel. This can do a variety of things (With certain limits). For example, an !article command which sear...

Subscription to a Channel

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Subscribe and support your favorite streamer (Or yourself you partner!)
  • MTGBot will subscribe to you or a fellow streamers stream. 
  • Access emotes through commands in your channel....

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  • If you'd like, you can join the MTGBot developers in development meetings. You can offer suggestions/improvements while we're developing them!