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About Nicolas Pihen

Started 4/5 years ago, with a simple search window, the application has evolved into a complete tool solution to take full advantage of our MTG passion.

Usable via Windows / Linux and with any database, personalize the application according to your activity:
  • Customizable dashboards, 
  • monitoring of odds in real time (MTGStock, MTGoldfish, ...), 
  • estimation of the collection ,
  • inventory management, 
  • sealed product management, 
  • Embedded website, 
  • complete eCommerce site (sale purchase transactions via paypal, ...), 
  • dialog tools with Discord, 
  • Import / export of a multitude of online management websites , 
  • research and opitimization of purchases on the sites (mkm, tcpplayer, playIN, and so on, etc ...), 
  • be notified in real time of the price variations of your wanted cards (Telegram, email, discord, .. ..)

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