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About Michael Tracey

Hello all. As some of you may have gleaned from following me online, I think there are serious problems with how the media operates at present. I've always thought that crowd-funding is a useful corrective against silly journalistic hegemonies, and it has worked for me in the past. So I'm giving it another go. This time, the idea is to make it into something sustainable for the long-term.

Depending on the level of support received, my intention is to use this Patreon to subsidize the creation of podcasts, videos, interviews, and other forms of journalism. Naturally, I'll also continue tweeting furiously (ugh).

Of course I will update everyone with specifics as to when this "content" is due to be released -- but for now, the objective is to build a foundation of support so I know what I am able, financially, to produce.

More broadly speaking: on some level your support is an affirmation of faith in the usefulness of my contributions, so I really appreciate it. However, I cannot possibly satisfy everyone at all times, nor would I want to do so. I have to consciously resist the temptation to mindlessly placate people, and when there's a financial element involved, that's extra challenging. So if one disagreement is going to make you abandon your support, then maybe this isn't the correct arrangement for you. However, I think that's a really self-defeating way to live. So I hope you'll be able to tolerate disagreement.

This fundraising (and the resulting videos, podcasts, etc.) will complement my contributions to other newspapers, magazines, and websites. I also will likely modify the terms and offerings of this Patreon as things evolve. But I will always be as transparent as possible.

Especially as 2020 approaches, I think expanding the range of viable journalistic inquiry is really crucial. So I hope you'll consider a modest investment.

If for whatever reason you wish to contribute by some other method, contact me on Twitter or via email (one-time donations can be sent to: https://www.paypal.me/mctracey). But Patreon will be the preferred venue, because it creates regularity and sustainability. For now I'm not going to create offerings that are tethered to specific "tiers" -- I want everything to be available to everyone. But of course, you're encouraged to give as much as feasible.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or flamboyant trolling attempts.

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