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About MTTC

Hello, welcome and thank you so very much for choosing to support me on this creative endeavour. I really do appreciate you and your contribution in helping me continue to create great quality music production and sound recording tutorial videos.

As a patron to my channel you will have access to a great range of superb, exclusive content not available anywhere else on any of my online platforms. I'll be developing this Patreon channel and adding fantastic content over the coming weeks and months so rest assured you will be rewarded for your valued support.

I started my YouTube channel in February 2016 just as a favour to help out some of the students I taught in my classroom at the time. They themselves found the videos helpful and kept asking me to do more, which I found very encouraging. Despite the time, effort and expense devoted to creating this content, over time, I found that I had developed a real passion for putting together useful bits of information that would help others in their music development. Consequently, the channel has grown into something very special to me and I'm so proud that after 4 years I am still enjoying the process.

The fact that you are reading this and have chosen to support me would suggest that I have managed to help you in some way on your journey. That for me is the ultimate goal and has been from the very start. My philosophy has always been, if I have the knowledge, then why not share it?

At the same time it is important for me to make sure I convey the information in a clear and practical manner. Everyone learns at different paces and through different mediums and I'm very conscious of that as a college lecturer. As a result I am very careful to develop lessons from which everyone can gain something. So whether you are a seasoned professional or completely new to the whole process of composing and recording music in a digital audio workstation, there is something for everyone.

Again, if you have been a follower or subscribe to my channel you would note that my main music production platform is Logic Pro X. I have been using Logic for over 20-years and know quite a lot about it. However it's incredible how much I'm still learning each day. All of this knowledge is available to you. Besides this DAW I'm also pretty well versed in other platforms such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and increasingly so Cubase. You'll also find videos on my YouTube channel which touch on these different DAWs.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @MusicTechTraining
Facebook: /MusicTechTraining
Twitter: /MusicTechTrain
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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