Nick Mudry

is creating a weekly podcast about Video Games and Mozzarella Sticks
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About Nick Mudry

What Is Mudry's Minute?

Join Nick Mudry and the occasional guest as they sit down to discuss everything from video games to mozzarella sticks. Mudry's Minute is a short form weekly podcast (15-30 minutes an episode) focused on expanding upon any thoughts that I would have just otherwise written in 280 characters and Tweeted.

Why Patreon?

Even though I just launched this podcast, I want to allow listeners of the Mudry's Minute podcast to support the show in any way possible. Whether that's sharing an episode they liked with a friend, leaving their thoughts on a topic via an email or voice message, or with a small monthly contribution via Patreon.

I want to allow that choice from the very beginning of the show. 

My goal with this podcast (and other related projects) will always remain the same, regardless of the amount of listeners or patrons it has. I want to have fun, chat about topics I enjoy, and hope to form a connection and community with my listeners. 
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