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About Muffin's Milkers

Muffin's Milkers Website


Muffin’s Milkers is a farm management game within Second Life. The main purpose of the game centers around livestock and farm management along with various stat tracking.

Users of the system can be livestock (bulls or cows) or farm hands (who help run the farm) or both! Monthly rewards and seasons keep track of how well users do and spurs a bit of competition.

There are way too many features to list but here are a few:

  • Cow Milking 
  • Bull Milking
  • Manual Milking
  • EXTREME Milking 
  • Quotas
  • Breeding
  • Feeding and Feed Management
  • Leveling
  • Bonuses
  • In Game Currency - Moolah!
  • RLV Punishments and Addictions
  • MuffinOS HUD 
  • Milk Delivery
  • Monthly and Seasonal Awards 
  • Tons of Stat tracking
  • Leader boards
  • So much more and so much more to come!

Muffin’s Milkers has been a passion project for its creators for about three years. The system has grown much since it's initial release. From a tiny single dairy with just a handful of livestock to thousands of users and many privately owned dairies.

The vast majority of Muffin’s Milkers features and products are free to use and its creators would love to keep this the case. This causes a few issues though. As the system grows in size and scope, the cost of servers and time spent working on fixes also goes up.

This Patreon is dedicated to keeping Muffin’s Milkers up and running, and developing features and expansions our users want to see.

All proceeds for Muffin’s Milkers goes back into paying artists, such as Penny Patton, animators, developers, and overall server costs.

I hope you’ll help support Muffin’s Milkers as we expand the features and capabilities well into the future!

$200 - reached! per month
Monthly Update Video for Muffin's Milker System

  • Previous Months Winners / Season winners
  • Current Season Stats
  • Additions to the system 
  • Any Fixes or issues resolved 
  • Current Development 
  • Future Development
  • Any other News

This video will be posted on youtube. 
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