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You will get access to my cosplay/fursuit designs on Dropbox (full body sketches with measurements). And a new one will be added as soon as I have one available


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About Mugiwara Cosplay

Hello my name is Maria and I am the owner of Mugiwara Cosplay and Maria's Creative Corner.

I've been a cosplayer for 7 years and making fursuits for 5 years.I make cosplays from a bunch of forms of media, from anime, to video games, to comic books and even my own characters, and now other peoples fursonas as commissions. I love bringing a character to life in a costume, and I fully enjoy being able to bring my clients and fans different kinds of content every month. 

Why Patreon?

I really want to give some more back to my followers. You get to see WIP pictures that I don't post on facebook and you will get sneak peeks on costumes and tutorials before they go to Facebbok and Youtube.

I also want to try new techniques and by supporting me, I can make it happen. When it comes to cosplay, I mostly specialize in fursuits (with foam bases) but I really really want to try resin casting, being better at sewing and more foam/worbla building props and armor.

All the funds from this will go to helping me with all of my living expenses, because being an artist and costume maker is my full time job. So your support allows me to continue creating and living my dream.

Cosplay designs on Dropbox so far:
- Toothless (Design sketches)
- Noivern (Design sketches)
- Raptor (Design sketches)
- Light fury (head sketches and  head base template so far)
- Bowser (Basic body template)
- Cinderace (head base template so far)
- Cubone skull (on the way)

Templates on Dropbox so far:
- Fox ears
- Tail
- Hand paws
- Foam feet
- Puffy hand paws
- Angel dragon wings
- More ears
- Bunny tail
- Horns
- Curled tail
- Dragon tail
- Animal plush
- Dragon wings
- Wickerbeast paws
- Bone tail (For all patrons)
- Stompy sock paws
- Reindeer head base (For all patrons)
- Angel dragon tail feathers
- Normal sock paws
- Sockpaw hooves
- Feline head base
- Angel dragon head base
- 5 fingered hand paws
- Feline tail
- Big feline head base
- Canine head base
- Feral hand paws
- Rat tail
- Digitigrade bodysuit (size small male)
- Plantigrade bodysuit (size small male)
- Bird tail
- Manokit head base
- Demon tail
- 3 toed stompy sock paws
- Bird head base
- Bird wings
- Bat head base
- Bat wings
- Eyes
- Gem raptor head base
- Bird Sockpaws
- Fabric feathers
- Fabric tongues
- Skull base
- 3 fingered puffy hand paws
- Raptor foam feet base
- Bear head base
- Kemono head base
- Tiger tail
- Angel dragon head base (EVA foam based)
- Dino mask
- Bunny head base
- Sergal tail
- Crow skull
- Deer skull
- Canine EVA foam headbase
$182.18 of $200 per month
Reaching the next goal will allow me to experiment with some new techniques.
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