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Drops Of Water Turn A Mill

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It might seem hard to believe, but your single dollar per “thing” means A LOT to me - and for a dollar you get access to the patron-only-feed and free, early releases of all the finished songs and art I make, same as folks who pay more. After all, $1,000 is just made up of...dollars. Several of them.

The Crust

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You're really showing a working guy some love here and it means a lot to me. You get access to my online song journal, where I will post original songs that may or may not make an album but give you a window into my rough edges as a songwriter (what Chris Rock would call "the crust of a motherfucker"). You get the previous rewards too.


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This is a VERY generous contribution (you must really like me or my work or maybe both if I’m lucky and I bet the feeling will be mutual). At this level I will share some of the intimate (sometimes embarrassing and messy) details of my life and process as a songwriter, father, worker and activist. This will come in the form of letters (that are not meant for the public), photos, videos and stories from the trenches of it all. Plus all previous rewards.




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About Muhammad Seven


It's hard for an artist to offer her or his work for free. But from here on out, that's what I'm going to do.

We have all learned to interpret free art this way:

If it’s free, it must be that nobody wants to pay for it because it isn't very good.

But I believe a new era is upon us. The system where Big Papa (“the labels”) decides what’s worth listening to (“what will be profitable for them”) and then funds those projects (“owns the artist’s creation and sanitizes creative expression”) IS DEAD.

So what era are we living in?

This is our time. Yours and mine.

The internet, in all it’s imperfection, has brought us one step closer to a meritocracy - and to real democracy, of a certain kind.

You are my label.

You and I decide weather or not my work has value, based on real, human being criteria. Here’s how it works:

Like the labels of the past, you support my work and we both benefit from it.

But unlike labels of the past…

YOU get a say in how I make art - but I have the ultimate control over my destiny (the birthright of all people)

YOU get the satisfaction of helping to produce art that you want to see make an impact in the world

YOU get to be inspired and entertained by my successes and failures

WE get access to each other in a personal way. I will share myself with you and you have the option of sharing yourself with me and being met with my interest and care and concern and friendship. In some cases this will be a personal friendship and in other cases it will be a more distant friendship - but they can all matter. They can all mean something. I am eager to hear your questions and comments about my art - and I’m eager for you to share your art and yourselves with me.

And finally, with your support I get to follow my heart, follow my mind, follow my dreams on a large scale. I will make the songs (scripts, paintings, podcasts, collage, films, music videos) that I want to share far and wide. We live in a world that is filled with beauty - and filled with rage. Why were the Beatles so successful? In part because most of their songs were about love, about our struggle to have each other and to have a better world and the lives we deserve.

My songs are different than anybody else’s, only in that they are mine. I will put them out whether you become a patron or not. I will share them with you for free whether you become a patron or not. I will answer your questions and consider your opinions and celebrate the work that you share with me whether you become a patron or not.

If you do choose to support my art, I will be humbled, appreciative, touched and inspired. I will say so as often as I can, in as personal a way as I can muster. I'll start now.

Thank you.


PS: Here's what i've released as paid "Things" so far!

About Muhammad Seven

M7 is an Iranian-American singer/songwriter & garbage man from Boston. His narrative lyricism pays as much homage to Hafiz and Saadi as it does to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, with deeply personal and political statements nestled amongst metaphors and vivid specificity. You might also listen carefully for the unmistakable influence of ‘90’s era hip-hop.


Q: What is a “thing” and how often will you charge me for one?

A: A “thing” is a substantial, high quality creation (a song that was expensive to produce, a music video with high production value, eventually a whole album of music, etc.) I may not release these every month - some months I will make a bunch of free posts (writing, recordings, images and more) and won’t charge for anything. On the months that I make something substantial, I will charge for that thing.

Also, you can “ set a monthly max” when you check out - you could set a monthly max of “1” if you want to be sure you aren’t contributing more than 1 X your amount per month (though I will generally not make more than one “thing” per month and again, many months I will not make any “things”. And you can opt out whenever you'd like.

Having said that, if you are concerned about the amount of money you're going to spend I would "set a monthly max" and then assume I will release 1 thing per month. Then choose the tier that makes the most sense for you based on that number. So for example, if you choose tier #1, assume you'll pay $1 X 12 months = $12 in a year (even though it will likely be less.)

Q: What's the quickest way to contact you with a question?

A: [email protected] If you're wondering if I will be happy to hear from you, the answer is yes.

I'll post more Q's and A's as you ask more questions! 

...and if you still feel confused, here's a short primer on Patreon:

$369 of $450 per thing
I have not charged for anything I've created on Patron yet - the first thing I will charge for is the Album we will start recording in February 2018. I'll release it in three parts; 2 singles followed by the full album release. Your support allows me both to make the album AND release it for free, so you will be able to share it with anyone you like and tell them that you helped produce it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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