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About Mukke

Hey There ! Nice to see you over here ! 🙂

I'm Mukke, a music creator based in the Ruhr-area, Germany. I'm currently publishing my music productions under the name of Mukke and soon MelodieTERROR along with my photographic artworks. As I grew up playing violin since the age of four, I developed a deep appreciation for music. With it, as I played later on in various orchestras, I got the prescious imagination of creating own soundscapes. The glimpse of getting it realised was introduced to me as I discovered the power of a DAW via a friend, whos father is a music producer and DJ. Today I'm constantly writing, creating, performing and producing songs and developing unique photographic artworks. More about:

And here's the Patreon catch: Getting better and learning more about the art to provide outstanding experiences, TAKES TIME ! Especially if you want to put content out there that's as shaped as you could get it to be. By becoming a Patron, you will help me grow my abillities and you'll enable me to invest more time (and money) into my musical and photographic projects. For every Patron I will have all my work accesable and every publishment pre-accesable, depending on which tier you'll choose. Additional content to what's out there for all will be also available. I hope that I'll be able to appreciate you as a Patron to bring great experiences to you too.

Stay awesome 🌞
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