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Tier 1 ~ Strawberry
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Thank you for your generosity! 

You get to suggest characters when I hold fan art polls and receive the final illustration, fully colored in all it's glory.

Tier 2 ~ Raspberry, Blueberry
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Transform! With this tier, along with suggesting characters and receive the final illustration, there is an alternative outfit. That's pretty neat!

Tier 3 ~ Whole lot of berries
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Wow, look at you~ Many thanks! Now I'm including the .clip / .psd so you can see the sketch WIPs, line art, and colorful layers (so many layers). You get to see the process and mess. Also, I'm including an additional swimsuit variant. Some fun in the sun!




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About Mulberry

Hi everyone!
As much as I enjoy drawing and illustrating, having some financial support would be pretty neat. After much thought, I decided to create this Patreon. So what am I offering you?
I want to call these illustrations 'Community Commissions', as they are voted on (and paid for) by you.
With each goal tier reached, I will take suggestions on some fan art and make a poal the following day. Once decided, I'll begin working on the winning result. So if you ever wanted to see me draw that certain favorite character, you can make the suggestion! I'll even try to make some variants or even a wallpaper.

Thank you for taking the time to read all that!
If you can, check out my DeviantART and Tumblr. I'm also one of the 2D Illustrator volunteers for Yandere Simulator!
$20 of $35 per month
Super Neat Illustration!
Suggest and/or vote on a character to be drawn, full body, fully colored. Variants may vary.
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