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Our Pitch:

Hi everyone! Our names are Kyla, Casey, and Carol and we are the ladies behind MUN01, a Model UN podcast, blog, and community. We are striving to create a space for all delegates which brings about learning, healthy competition, and camaraderie. As we improve our podcast and build our website, things have gotten pricey. We have invested significant capital into MUN01 and are so proud of the progress it has made. That being said, we now want to ask you, our loyal listeners, to donate to keep the content coming. The money will be used to pay for premium hosting services, website building, podcast equipment, and merchandise creation costs. In return, our Patreon supporters will get access to exclusive bonus content, blooper reels, one-on-one engagement, and much more. Thanks for all of the support you have given us already, we hope to continue improving our content for all of you.

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