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About Munchmallowgames

Hello and welcome to MunchMallow Games and Visual Novels patreon page!
Well, for now it is only one visual novel, but I have more plans for the future. I am creating adult content using Ren' Py engine and Honey Select models. I am IT student and I started this as a project to finance my education and maybe even work it as a full time job after University if it goes well. I also work as IT technician in free time, but it is not paying enough for my education. My goal is to create adult visual novels and games where story is important as much as H-scenes. I don't want girls to be just dolls for men fun I want them to have personality. I hope that you will like the characters I create and personalities I give them and also sexy things they go through. Most of the characters are inspired from real persons from my life or stories I have heard but some are just fictional (I must admit most of the things are fantasy). The games and novels will be with multiple choices and endings. Also, I wish to be in contact with my patreons so I would like you to suggest me which social media would you like me to use were we can talk and exchange ideas. Well that is basically it I hope you like what I do. Thanks for support and help and I wish you best of luck!

$30 of $100 per month
I will continue working on game. This goal will show me that there is interest and that my work is not for nothing
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