Muni Diaries is creating the city's original online journal, now in podcast form.

Muni Diarist

$2 /mo
Bragging rights and SF cred! You'll be able to say that you support the longest running, original SF online journal where you can read heartwarming stories AND stories about toe nail clipping (yes,...

Transit fan

$5 /mo
Transit fans will receive a shoutout on our next podcast episode!

Muni pro

$9 /mo
Muni pros will receive a shoutout and a Muni line named after you on our next episode!

Bus ninja

$15 /mo
Bus ninjas will receive a Muni Diaries 10th anniversary poster (US shipping only). And our undying love. Not bad for $15!

Muni pimp seat

$45 /mo
You'll receive a pair of tickets to one Muni Diaries Live show for every year you pledge, and we will save front row seats for you! This is like getting the solo seat on an empty bus and the bus sm...