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  • Full resolution and uncensored versions of art
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Hello, I am Murabito-H(that you can translate as Village Dweller H) and I am creating adult art, animations as well as action hentai games in my free time.

I am concentrating on creating action adult games that are actual games and can be played and enjoyed as regular video games. I believe every game genre deserve to be bestowed with erotic content. Oh, I also make small web-based games some times as part of the experimentation. Believe in me and support me to make action adult games more of a real thing and give a chance to a porn games on a scale of GTA or Final Fantasy to appear in the future!

So what do you get for supporting me?
  • For a small pledge of $1 you get access to my community feed, news about games development, and also full resolution versions of my adult artworks as well as some sketches unpublished elsewhere.
  • For as little as $2 you also get access to my adult animation works, full res versions and unpublished rough animations.
  • Starting from $5 you get early access to public games builds and also patron-only builds(that will be published more often than public builds). And of course you will get a finished version of a game for free should it be put on sale in stores.
  • Next tier $10 is basically the same, and as additional bonus you'll get special patron-only game builds with gallery and animation player included. You will also get access to prototypes of new games.
  • $20 tier is only there because I had to have 5 tiers. Someone could guess why(yes, it is related to video games). There is only unpublished loli fetish art and animations there now, don't go there. Seriously, don't pledge it, it doesn't worth it and wouldn't be for a long time.
And of course the most important thing is that you help to make more of adult games to appear in this world!

Games currently in development:

Milk Fighter
Action/adventure game with platforming and shooting elements set in a lewd fantasy world where adventurers use many obscene skills to fight monster girls. It is pretty silly and not taking itself seriously but filled with a lot of nude monster and non-monster girls performing many animated actions with a lot of their bodies exposed in the process.

Latest public release is 0.4.1, avaliable on following places:


A side-scrolling shmup/danmaku game about confrontation of several witches using different lewd magic. Main heroine using extremely lewd pussy magic to shot down her enemies.
Game now in experimental stage.
$52.01 of $2,500 per month
This is enough amount for me to quit my full-time job and devote myself to game development.
Expect speed of development to increase 2 to 4 times after reaching this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 221 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 221 exclusive posts

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