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Detective Phil Ramos is a retired 33 year veteran of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has 12 years as Senior Homicide Investigator and 12 years as Undercover Narcotics and Intelligence on his impressive resume. He has served as the lead detective on infamous cases such as Jeremy Strohmeyer, Margaret Rudin, and won the Edward R. Murrow Award for coverage of the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas.

Sara Ramos Buckley, aka @nottheworstmom, is his (favorite) neice and beloved goddaughter. Sara grew to love true crime as a child because of Uncle Phil’s work stories at family dinners. Det. Phil and Sara are both Las Vegas natives and belong to one of the Founding Families of Las Vegas having been here over 100 years.

With the incredible developments of technology and the overall attention to murder cases via documentaries, Sara relies on Detective Phil's experience and expertise to disect the most popular cases as well as ones she heard about all of her childhood.
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