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About Manoj & Jyothi Chalam

Enlightenment (in the Vedanta tradition) is the journey of Knowing the Self, abiding in the Self and seeing the same Self in others with love and compassion.  Jyothi will guide you through the 3 practices of non-dualistic Advaita Vedanta philosophy: Shravanam (listening), Mananam (contemplation) and Nidhidhyasana (abiding in the Self).

The question then arises, what role do these deities such as Ganesh, Shiva, Lakshmi, Buddha, Tara play in this journey? 

Manoj will bring in statues (Murti's) of these deities and relate their symbolisms to our journey to enlightenment.  Through humorous archetypical story telling, discover your Isthadevata (personal archetype), uncover their secret symbolisms and learn the five ways to work with them as part of a practice towards spiritual awakening.

So why Patreon?

We are creating this Patreon subscription service for the following reasons:

  1. We want to encourage and support the building of supportive communites.
  2. This format will allow for a more private and intimate environment to experience Vedantic teachings through a less structured, more conversational approach.
    1. Communication style(s) will be more open and free.
    2. Students will be encouraged to share an experience, reflect upon and then share about what they learned from the experience, and later drop the attachment to the experience to allow for a deeper level of healing.
  3. We want to be transparent about:
    1. Costs:
      1. So far all teachings have been offered for free, including:
        1. Travel to teach (airfare, baggage, hotel, etc.)
    2. We are growing older and it's becoming more difficult to travel as frequently as we have in the past.
  4. Power of online communication is compelling and the future is now.
    1. Pro's
      1. Reach large amounts of people at a time convenient for them in their schedule.
      2. Easy access to past recordings.
    2. Con's
      1. Impersonal.
      2. Detached from personal responsibility.
  5. One-on-one style filming and teachings.
    1. Review recordings with extra information added.
    2. Fewer long breaks in their study.
    3. Don't have to be self-motivated all of the time.
  6. We will be creating a lot of new and unique content:
    1. New Murti teachings
      1. New Murtis
      2. Newly presented mythologies/stories
      3. New symbolisms
    2. Many Vedantic teachings
      1. Bhagavad Gita
      2. Tattva Bodha
      3. Vedanta Dindima
  7. There is powerful energy created when people can learn from each other by asking questions and sharing stories.
  8. The costs to deliver content are increasing:
    1. Time
    2. Energy
    3. Equipment
      1. Computer hardware/software
      2. Video (Camera's)
      3. Sound (Microphones, processors)
  9. Digital Ashram
    1. Pujas
    2. Singing/Kirtan
    3. Meditation
    4. Mantras
    5. Deity archetype practices
    6. Symboisms
    7. Myths/Storytelling

Thank you for supporting Jyothi and Manoj and our new Online Ashram and our Murtis and Vedanta website and YouTube channel by becoming a Patron of our content.

Jai Ganesh!
53 of 108 patrons
Since Lord Ganesha is the gateway deity, there is no better goal than to bring his favorite number of souls together as an offering to him for his support towards getting to 1080 members for our Online Ashram.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 83 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 83 exclusive posts

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