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THANK YOU! I'd like to express my deep gratitude toward Your kindness. You are helping to create many more exciting sculptures of great scientists, how cool is that?!
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        About Mushogenshin

        "HUMAN HISTORY: a dark and turbulent stream of folly, illuminated now and then by flashes of genius." (Isaac Asimov)
        Asimov guesstimates that the progress of science since the dawn of the human kind has relied on the curiosity and perseverance of "no more than one [human] in six million" (see his calculations here). Yet in spite of their great contribution to the driving force behind civilizations, these extremely special scientists have sadly faded away from public consciousness.
        "When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level." (Brian Greene)
        As a sculptor, I wish to help bring back the love and admiration those great scientists deserve from the public, through my sculptures. If this brings them out of the Limbo to which our selective memory have confined them, I will not have worked in vain.

        Beside some ongoing figurative projects inspired by the Old Masters, I should like to carve as many great scientists as possible, within this lifetime. However, coming from a Southeast Asian background, I am yet to receive the necessary support from my own family and compatriots, to pursue classical art, since most Southeast Asians still continue their lives in a survival mood, even in a Western setting. I managed nonetheless to finish two 3D-printable busts, one of Nikola Tesla and one of Isaac Asimov, in six months. Both are released under Creative Commons license.

        To have their busts printed in 3D, and displayed in classrooms and families across the world, is a dream worth following. That, in itself, would just be a beginning: there are far more than two scientists who could enrich our minds, especially the minds of the future generation.

        To carry out such a challenging project, I will need Your help. Wage earning and artistic ambitions do not go easily together. Liberal arts should be liberated, and I will achieve much more in a shorter time.

        One of the critical factors that made the Renaissance possible was the generous patronage of the arts. I believe that Patreon will make my production of quality arts for the science community possible. With Your monthly pledges, I would be able to focus single-mindedly on the likeness of great scientists, sculpting them out of the inert material, polishing the details, and preparing the models ready for 3D printing, and moreover, making the whole process open-source, so that further contributions, assemblage, and new creations on this basis can see the day. In our era, when the lines between fine art and mainstream aesthetics are blurred, such an endeavor is the most exciting adventure of our minds.

        Therefore, if You like what I'm working on, please consider pledging to my project. I'm trying to keep my expenses minimal, so any amount will go a long way towards my creating more, and better, figures.

        Thank you!
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        I will sculpt 180 figures from Asimov's list of great scientists in the next thirty years. Igor Mitoraj never used less than this, and I promise I won’t assemble stray anatomical odds and ends together (like he seemed to have).
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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