is creating piano accompaniment and vocal part tracks for musicals.

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About MusicalPracticeTracks

Welcome to!

Since 2016, our site has been the premier resource for actors, music directors, and other theatre professionals and enthusiasts looking to gain a mastery of their music.

Our Piano Accompaniment/Rehearsal Tracks have been created using the scores from some of the most in-demand musicals currently on Broadway, or popular among regional/educational/community groups. You can use these tracks in rehearsal when you can’t get a live accompanist, or use them on your own to rehearse. They can also be used for auditions, in class, or for covers on YouTube. Our individual Part Tracks are the site’s bread and butter. Each song is broken down into its individual vocal parts — including solos and harmonies. Actors can make leaps and bounds on their own between rehearsals by singing along with these tracks and ensure that they are singing each song exactly as the composer intended. Say goodbye to missed notes and rhythms when your entire cast uses these tracks to practice on their own. Another resource is more “just for fun.” Our Musical Theatre Karaoke Tracks have been carefully crafted to mirror the orchestral/band parts from each musical. Lyrics are displayed on screen so that you can sing along — on your own or with a group of friends!

For years, we have worked on these tracks on an almost entirely volunteer basis (with a few generous donations from various individuals and theatre companies who have found them useful). Indeed, the creation of tracks for more than 800 songs across 30+ musicals has involved more than 4,000 hours of work. We want to guarantee that access to the tracks always remains free so that they can be used by actors, music directors, and anyone else who can benefit, but we need your support!

Become a Patron today and help ensure that our catalog of songs can keep growing!

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